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Experience, Quality, Performance

Pistachio Nut Company has two rootstock propagation nurseries located in the Northern Cape and a nursery in Paarl where the rootstocks are budded to variety and trained up before made available to clients.

PNC should soon be at a full capacity of more than 150 000 trees per annum.

Experience in the harsh climate of South Africa has shown that the successful establishment of a pistachio orchard requires a sturdy high quality tree, already budded to variety, which is a primary objective of our team.

Current rootstocks available are an Integerrima sub-selection that was identified as the best among the trial blocks at Green Valley Nuts and a recently imported UCB-1 propagated from seedlings.

Both rootstocks has excellent disease resistance, cold tolerance and vigorous growth, with the Integrimma more suitable for marginal soils as it has a higher salienty tolerance.

There are currently a waiting list and trees must be reserved as soon as possible.

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